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Takeshi MIYAJI

Takeshi MIYAJIBorn and raised in Kagoshima Prefecture, now living in Hiroshima, Japan.
Master of Engineering (Transportation Engineering), Hiroshima University, Japan
Master of Business Administration, Bond University, Australia
National qualifications of Professional Engineer (Civil Engineering) and Domestic Travel Service Supervisor

After experiencing Transport Demand Forecasting, Traffic and Transportation Study, Public Works Performance Evaluation, Feasibility Study of overseas large construction projects at Oriental Consultants Co.,Ltd. for six years, joined VitalLEAD, Co. Ltd. in 2005 as an executive director, providing consulting and tourism services for the local government, NPOs and community associations. In 2013, established BRIDGEOVER Co. Ltd. as the CEO, serving mainly for the management of SMEs as a business consultant, M&A advisor and so on.

My favourite words recently are “Keep changing for growth” and “Adapt, but not assimilate.” I believe that in this rapidly changing business environment, it is essential to try different options one after another, explore the direction of growth and deepen it while maintaining an unwavering faith. We will support your business to succeed in this dynamic change of global society and technology.


NO PHOTOBorn and raised in Mie Prefecture, Japan
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Meiji University, Japan
Master of Business Administration, Bond University, Australia
My area of strength in business is finance and strategic planning
Certified Chief Financial Officer, 2nd class Management advisor, Practitioner of Natural Language Processing, US CPA (candidate)

After 8 years of experience as a software engineer for a major electric company in Japan, I have been serving for finance division since 2007. I have been supporting the CEO, CFO and other executive managers to make informed business decisions by performing a wide range of duties such as daily cash management, business planning, financing and fund management, fund management through cash flow analyses, monitoring of financial conditions of other companies in business relationship, and so on.
I also take advantage of my ample knowledge and skills in IT for system development and business efficiency improvement. Having established BRIDGEOVER Co. Ltd. as a co-founder and CEO in 2013, I am mainly serving for training and education of English and cash flow management.

I believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved in this world. Let us together face various issues that your companies are struggling with, and find out the essential causes. Are you not reacting to the issues intuitively? We will sincerely listen to your needs and support you with scientific and fact-based approach. Both firms and individuals should keep changing for the better. We are looking forward to working with you for the better future. Noting doing, nothing gained.

Yukiko MITA

Yukiko MITABachelor of linguistics (English), Osaka University of Foreign Studies (presently Osaka University)
Certified for completion of Japanese Teacher Training Course (420h)
Passed Japanese-language teaching competency test
Master of Business Administration (candidate), Bond University, Australia
Currently living in Johor, Malaysia

At the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (presently The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association), I had been serving for human resource development of executives, senior managers and engineers from various countries. I was engaged in planning and implementing training courses, developing training programs, conducting lectures and workshops regarding cross-cultural communication and other topics, and teaching Japanese language. I joined BRIDGEOVER in 2013 as a member of the founding team and Executive Area Manager for Southeast Asia. I am currently serving for the practical English language courses, seminars and training.

Learning and improving give us hopeful future vision and strength to keep going forward. Those who autonomously learn and improve will contribute to forming an active organization. We are striving to support your human resource development activities by focusing on experiential and reflective learning process as well as sharing knowledge and skills.

Jo Jones – Profile

Jo JonesAfter graduating from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, with two Bachelor’s degrees, Jo Jones headed straight into her teaching career as an English Teacher. Jo has a wealth of experience teaching English to people of all ages and to people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Jo has taught in both primary and secondary schools in Australia as well as in coaching colleges (similar to “cram schools”) in Sydney. A large proportion of her students have had English as a Second Language and this has fuelled her passion for helping foreigners learn English.
One of Jo’s most interesting and rewarding positions was as a Tutor with Bond University on Australia’s Gold Coast teaching a subject she helped develop: Business Communication Skills. This course was aimed at helping business people improve their communication skills in English. Jo prided herself on ensuring every single one of her students was provided with personalised, detailed feedback in order to guarantee progress in the course.
Jo’s passion to help business people improve their English communication skills is still as strong as ever and she is extremely happy to head up BRIDGEOVER’s wonderful new course.

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